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Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics
describes the engineering science concerned with the interaction between bodies and the atmosphere
Idioma: English / English
Aerodynamics In Car Racing
aerodynamic efficiency is the goal of all race car designers. Learn about car development, racing physics, future designs, and more
Idioma: English / English
Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment
interactive study of sports designed to help students understand aerodynamics, physics, and mathematics, as part of NASA's educational outreach mission
Idioma: English / English
Aerodynamics of Bicycles
defines and addresses side forces, turbulence, drag, streamlines, and other key concepts
Idioma: English / English
Aerodynamics of Solar Vehicles
examines how to design a fully road worthy vehicle operating under nothing but the power of the sun
Idioma: English / English
Aerodynamics: Building the Bernoulli Levitation Ball
chapter six from Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids
Idioma: English / English
Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook
demonstration version
Idioma: English / English
Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
designed to provide background information on basic aerodynamics for secondary math and science teachers
Idioma: English / English
Hydro- and Aerodynamics of Animal Swimming and Flight
looks at why fish and birds are not like submarines and planes
Idioma: English / English
Mark Ketchum's Bridge Aerodynamics Page
features the paper, Resonance, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure, and Undergraduate Physics Textbooks
Idioma: English / English
Selected Topics of Model Aerodynamics
focusing on airfoils
Idioma: English / English
Tutorial in Basic Aeronautics
covers the aerodynamics of airplanes and fluid properties, written by Jim McCabe
Idioma: English / English




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