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ACSYS, Arctic Climate System Study
The scientific goal of the WCRP's Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS) project is to ascertain the role of the Arctic in global climate
Idioma: English / English
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Es koordiniert die Polarforschung in Deutschland und stellt wichtige Infrastruktur wie den Forschungseisbrecher Polarstern und Stationen in der Arktis und Antarktis für die nationale und internationale Wissenschaft zur Verfügung.
Idioma: German / German
Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic
Belgian history and science in the poles. Laws and treaties regulating polar activities and Belgiums involvement. The rules and obligations related to the planning of polar activities. Publications, workshops and events regarding polar activities
Idioma: English / English
Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC) at Ohio State University
Is recognized internationally as a leader in polar and alpine research. Our research programs are conducted throughout the world. The Center is named in honor of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, America's most famous polar explorer.
Idioma: English / English
Canada's Gateway to the Arctic: Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP)
Coordinates support for, and offers expert advice to Canadian government and university scientists and independent, private sector and non-Canadian researchers working in isolated areas throughout the Canadian Arctic.
Idioma: English / English
Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study
an international effort under Canadian leadership to understand the biogeochemical and ecological consequences of sea ice variability and change on the Mackenzie Shelf.
Idioma: English / English
Cryosphere Today
Arctic Climate Research. This website is a portal to recent research related to Arctic climate and climate change at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois.
Idioma: English / English
Cryospheric and Polar Processes Division
Cryospheric and Polar Processes Division research at CIRES combines data collection, modeling, and data analysis to improve the understanding of how the cryosphere influences, and responds to, changes in the global climate.
Idioma: English / English
Norwegian Polar Institute
Norsk Polarinstitutt er Norges sentrale institusjon for forskning, miljøovervåkning og kartlegging i polarområdene
Idioma: Norwegian / Norwegian
Polar Continental Shelf Program / Programme du plateau continental polaire
assists scientists from around the world to better understand Canadas final frontier: the Arctic.
Idioma: English / English
Polar Meteorology
This module is designed for anyone interested in the subject of polar meteorology. Some of the study questions within the module are geared toward upper-level undergraduate or graduate students majoring in meteorology, atmospheric science & related fields
Idioma: English / English
Polar Research Board
Exists to promote excellence in polar science and to provide independent scientific guidance to federal agencies and the nation on science issues in the Arctic, the Antarctic, and cold regions in general.
Idioma: English / English
SALE, Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration
Scientific Goals: Determine the form, distribution, and activity of life in the lake water, the sediment below, and the ice above. Recover climatic information contained in ice overlying the lakes and sediment. Understand the origins of subglacial lakes
Idioma: English / English
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
An inter-disciplinary committee of the International Council for Science (ICSU). SCAR is charged with developing and coordinating high quality international scientific research in the Antarctic region, and on the role of the Antarctic region in the Earth.
Idioma: English / English
Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, England
The Institute is a well-known and long-established centre for research into both polar regions. It is part of the University of Cambridge and is a sub-department of the Department of Geography.
Idioma: English / English
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Is a government authority under the Ministry of Education and Research. Its task is to promote Swedish Polar research by organising and leading research expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, primarily as part of international efforts.
Idioma: Southern Sami / Southern Sami
The Alfred Wegener Institute
Carries out research in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as in the high and mid latitude oceans. The institute coordinates German polar research and makes available to national and international science important infrastructure
Idioma: English / English
United States Antarctic Resource Center
A joint effort of the USGS National Mapping Division and the National Science Foundation United States Antarctic Program. It maintains the nation's most comprehensive collection of Antarctic aerial photography, maps, charts, satellite imagery and reports.
Idioma: English / English




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