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Ask A Scientist, Physics Archive
How does gravity work? What makes things fall to the ground on earth, whilst things float in space and on the moon?
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Center for Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Studies (CGEM)
Academic research center that focuses on the quantitative interpretation of gravity, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic data in applied geophysics.
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Gibson Consulting's Gravity & Magnetics Mall
This is an attempt to organize gravity and magnetics resources on the internet into some systematic, useful format. Suggestions are welcomed! The lists include companies, governments, and specific topics, including some on-line technical papers
Idioma: English / English
Gnome Experiment
Did you know the Earth's gravity varies, wherever you go? A gnome is travelling the world to measure the phenomenon. Check out the results and follow his progress.
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Gravity Probe B
GP-B was designed to measure two key predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativity by monitoring the orientations of ultra-sensitive gyroscopes relative to a distant guide star
Idioma: English / English
Gravity Probe B Images
The Image Galleries display sets of photos, drawings, and artwork that cover all aspects of the GPB experiment, from development through launch and mission operations.
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Gravity Probe B Scientific Papers
Scientific Papers Cryogenics about Gravity: Data Analysis, Gyroscopes, Isolation of the Science Unit, Navigation, Optics, Readout System, Project Status, Telescope, Theory,Excerpts from Near Zero, Origins of GP-B & Drag-Free Satellites, Abstracts
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HowStuffWorks - Gravity
How does gravity work? How Weightlessness Works? How much does planet Earth weigh? How does gravity assist with interplanetary satellites?
Idioma: English / English
HowStuffWorks - Gravity on Earth
What if there were no gravity on Earth?
Idioma: English / English
Newtonian Physics, by Benjamin Crowell
Kepler's Laws, Newton's Law of Gravity, Apparent Weightlessness, Vector Addition of Gravitational Forces, Weighing the Earth, Evidence for Repulsive Gravity (optional), Summary
Idioma: English / English
Physorg - Alternative theory of gravity
Alternative theory of gravity explains large structure formation -- without dark matter. Lately, some scientists have turned the question around, from “is dark matter correct?” to “is our standard theory of gravity correct?”
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Scientific Animations
for teachers, researchers and all people who like to know how things work. Our scientific education and learning animation software will make a difference in how you teach and learn about gravity and molecules.
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