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Climbing Magazine
Climbing Magazine's Web site contains more than 30 years of rock and ice climbing news, climber profiles, technical information, and gear reviews. You'll also find message boards, photo galleries, and classifieds
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Cold Regions Bibliography
Between 1999 and 2000, this project was carried out under an Interagency Agreement between the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).
Idioma: English / English
Descent into the Ice
A tem of 'glacionauts' ventures into a labyrinth of unexplored anda hazardous glacier caves on France's Mont Blanc
Idioma: English / English
Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountains – GAPHAZ
Scientific Working Group of the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) and the International Permafrost Association (IPA). Department of Geosciences University of Oslo
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Glacier hazards
The experience and data on glacier disasters in Switzerland has been systematically collected in the past two decades, and historical sources were analyzed.
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Glacier Hazards From Space
Glacier hazards represent a continuous threat to human lives and infrastructure in mountain regions.
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Glacier Hazards in Perú
The floods, known in Perú as aluviónes, come with little or no warning and are composed of liquid mud that generally transports large rock boulders and blocks of ice.
Idioma: English / English
Glaciers and Glacier Hazards
Glaciers and Glacier Hazards Glaciers and Ice Sheets and Volcanic Eruptions, USGS/Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington
Idioma: English / English
Glaciers online
Glaciers online offers photos and summary explanations concerning glaciers from all over the world. The primary goal of our project is to enrich and stimulate the teaching of Earth Science and Physical Geography, in particular glaciology.. Jürg Alean & Mi
Idioma: English / English
Global Land Ice Measurements from Space
GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurements from Space) is a project designed to monitor the world's glaciers primarily using data from optical satellite instruments, such as ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and reflection Radiometer).
Idioma: English / English
Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP)
GRIP has been a multinational European research project, organised through the European Science Foundation (ESF). Funding came from 8 nations (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, and United Kingdom), and from the European Union
Idioma: English / English
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
We support research into our world's frozen realms: the snow, ice, glacier, frozen ground, and climate interactions that make up Earth's cryosphere
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Naturgefahren Gletscher
Eisstürze von Hängegletschern, Vorstösse von Gletscherzungen und Hochwasser von eisgestauten Seen verwüsteten mancherorts wertvolles Kulturland, unterbrachen Verkehrsverbindungen, zerstörten Siedlungen und forderten manches Mensch- und Tierleben.
Idioma: German / German
NSDIC - All about glaciers
Search and browse terms related to glaciers in NSIDC's comprehensive cryospheric glossary
Idioma: English / English
Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd
Glacial hazard consultancy. are independent geological and geophysical consultants providing practical solutions for geohazard, environmental and ground-engineering problems and mineral exploration.
Idioma: English / English
Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic
Already in the 1920s owing to the dynamic exploration of the Arctic many prominent polar explorers and scientists advocated the idea to establish a polar museum that would function on permanent basis.
Idioma: Russian / Russian
Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World
By Richard S. Williams, Jr., and Jane G. Ferrigno. U.S. Geological Survey, U.S.Department of the Interior
Idioma: English / English
Satellite Images of Glaciers
The U.S. Geological Survey's Eastern Earth Surface Processes Team offers these 35-mm color slides of glaciers around the world. You can examine images of glaciers from Greenland to Antarctica and from Pakistan to Chile on this informative site
Idioma: English / English
The World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge
ICSU World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge (WDCGC) is funded by the Royal Society and is located in the Library of the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI).
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