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DNA computer cracks code
A DNA computer has been used for the first time to find the only correct answer from over a million possible solutions to a computational problem.
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DNA Computing
Is a form of computing which uses DNA and molecular biology, instead of the traditional silicon-based computer technologies. A single gram of DNA with volume of 1 cm³ can hold as much information as a trillion compact discs, approximately 750 terabytes.
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DNA Computing International Meeting
The annual international meeting in the field began in 1995 right after the landmark work by L. Adleman, who solved an instance of the Hamiltonian path problem by DNA molecules and opened the door to this new field.
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DNA Computing: A Primer
The amount of information gathered on the molecular biology of DNA over the last 40 years is almost overwhelming in scope. So instead of getting bogged down in biochemical and biological details of DNA.
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How DNA Computers Will Work
While still in their infancy, DNA computers will be capable of storing billions of times more data than your personal computer. In this article, youll learn how scientists are using genetic material to create nanocomputers
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Wikipedia DNA Computing
Is a form of computing which uses DNA, biochemistry and molecular biology, instead of the traditional siliconbased computer technologies. DNA computing, or, more generally, molecular computing, is a fast developing interdisciplinary area
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