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Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine
Idioma: English / English
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Idioma: English / English
HHMI - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
HHMI, a non-profit medical research organization that ranks as one of the nation's largest philanthropies, plays a powerful role in advancing biomedical research and science education in the U.S.
Idioma: English / English
ICGM - Institut de Recherches biomédicales
Le site fournit un environnement scientifique et médical idéal, représenté par le Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU), et plus indirectement par les grands centres de recherche de la rive gauche, tous géographiquement proches.
Idioma: French / French
IMIM - Informàtica Mèdica at the Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica
Somos un organismo público dedicado a la investigación científica en el campo de la Biomedicina y las Ciencias de la Salud.
Idioma: Catalan; Valencian / Catalan; Valencian
Institut Malardé, en Polynésie
L'Institut Louis malardé concourt à la préservation de la santé, de l'hygiène publique et de l'environnement naturel de la Polynésie française. Cette mission s'articule autour de deux pôles.
Idioma: French / French
Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine
The Institute for Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM) is a significant and practical illustration of the European and International activities of the Université libre de Bruxelles and its attachment to Wallonia.
Idioma: French / French
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Idioma: English / English
Medical Genetics Institute at Cedars-Sinai
Cedars-Sinai has become one of the leading medical centers in the world in applying the discoveries of human genetics to medical practice to prevent or manage inherited conditions, to provide prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders or birth defects.
Idioma: English / English
MIT Whitehead Institute
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research is a leading, nonprofit research and educational institution that has defined the cutting edge of biomedical science, creating a legacy of research excellence and academic eminence since 1982
Idioma: English / English
MRC - Medical Research Council
Is a publicly-funded organisation dedicated to improving human health. We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences, in universities and hospitals, in our own units and institutes in the UK, and in our units in Africa.
Idioma: English / English
National Biocomputation Center
The National Center for Biocomputationwas founded in September of 1997 as a joint collaboration between the NASAAmes Research Center and the Stanford University School of Medicine, Departmentof Functional Restoration.
Idioma: English / English
NBRF - National Biomedical Research Foundation
Is a non-profit institution chartered in 1960 in the State of New York in the public interest and dedicated to carrying out scientific research in advanced fields, including the application of computers and modern electronic technology to medical research
Idioma: English / English
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Idioma: English / English
NIH - National Institute of Health
The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research.
Idioma: English / English
NIHS - National Institute of Health Sciences
The National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) conducts testing, research, and studies toward the proper evaluation of the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, foods, and the numerous chemicals in the living environment.
Idioma: Japanese / Japanese
Stanford Medical Informatics
Stanford Medical Informatics is the academic home to scientists and trainees who develop and evaluate new methodologies for acquiring, representing, processing, and managing knowledge and data related to health, health care, and the biomedical sciences
Idioma: English / English
Whitehead Institute
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research is a nonprofit, independent research and educational institution. Whitehead shares a close affiliation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Idioma: English / English
ZMBH - Zentrum fuer Molekulare Biologie Heidelberg
Ruprecht-Karls, Universität Heidelberg. is a center of excellence for both research and higher education in basic and biomedical molecular biology.
Idioma: German / German




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